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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E0: Announcing On Podcasting - A Better Adventure Awaits - On Podcasting - The Launch A Pod Podcast E0: Announcing On Podcasting - A Better Adventure Awaits - On Podcasting - The Launch A Pod Podcast

E0: Announcing On Podcasting – A Better Adventure Awaits

E0: Announcing On Podcasting - A Better Adventure Awaits

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build a successful podcast that lasts? Today, in Episode Zero of On Podcasting we find out.

We believe everyone should be able to create a meaningful podcast, share valuable information and stories, inspire their listeners, and engage with their tribe. We also believe anyone who wants to should be able to turn their passion into something that pays them for their hard work, time, and energy.

Podcasting can be very complicated and time-consuming. There’s figuring out the hardware, setting up a website, getting media hosting, and deciding on the right software. That’s just to name a few things to untangle. Then there’s the things people hardly talking about, how to grow a successful show that rewards you for your efforts.

We share with you actionable information to clarify and demystify.

On Podcasting will come in four delicious episode flavors: Evaluations, Discussions, Examples, and Case Studies.

Evaluations episodes are where we take a listener submitted show and episode, review, then share our thoughts on how to make it better. We’ll also discuss what we liked about the show the host should keep doing or do more of.

Often, it’s hard to take in advice and implement it. So through these evaluations, you’ll be able to hear what to do and what not to do by going through someone else’s show with us.

Discussion episodes are where we share our thoughts on different aspects of podcasting. These can focus on topics of performance techniques, recording gear, or show promotion.

Example episodes are similar to discussion episodes, but they contain real-world examples of podcasting hits and misses. These episodes focus on performance techniques and sound quality fixes.

Case studies are some of the most fun episodes with the biggest takeaways for listeners. We’ll share the results of an experiment and how the results were achieved. We’ll even include any tools and resources needed for you to repeat the results in your own podcast.

Who are the hosts of On Podcasting?

Great question!

The Hosts of On Podcasting

The hosts of the show are Ron Davis and Aaron Frankel.

Who is Ron?

He’s a polymath, which is a pretentious way of saying I know a little about a lot of different stuff. He’s been a Programmer, photographer, paramedic, and podcaster. I’ve turned two of my passions into successful podcasts, Photography with the Model and Photographer Podcast, and Emergency Medical Services into Confessions of an EMS Newbie.

Ron is also an avid toastmaster and I apply those public speaking skills to podcasting. And since podcasting is a technical thing, he also applying my ten years of programming to podcasting as well.

Who is Aaron?

He’s not just a podcaster talking about podcasting. Aaron is also a podcaster with a show outside the industry.

But to back up for a moment, Aaron is the former professional sidekick, marketing director, and staff writer for best-selling celebrity author Neil Strauss.

Back to his podcast, it’s called In The Rabbit Hole and it’s an Urban Survival Podcast. The show was launched in 2010 and featured by Apple Podcasts. And the In The Rabbit Hole podcast regularly shows up in the top 200 news and politics podcasts.

Since then, Aaron has gone on to produce several hit branded podcasts for companies. Most of those shows made New and Noteworthy in their first week of airing.

Now that you’re acquainted…

Who is On Podcasting For

On Podcasting is a podcast designed just for you: Someone who wants to build a successful podcast that lasts.

It’s not for the armchair warriors, nitpickers, and naval gazers. On Podcasting for podcasters who want to get things done. It’s meant for podcasters looking to monetize their show, make most of their time, money, and energy when creating and maintaining a podcast.

Now it’s time to commit to your success! Click on one of the podcast app buttons below to subscribe here now:


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