E1: Evaluating The DIY Artist Route Podcast

Evaluating the DIY Artist Route Podcast

In this episode, we give in-depth feedback on the DIY Artist Route Podcast. D. Grant is an experienced radio host, author, and teacher to musicians. So what advice do Ron and Aaron have to share? Find out…


The DIY Artist Route Podcast is hosted and produced by D. Grant Smith. The podcast targets musicians and artist who are trying to build a community on their own.

D. Grant is an experienced radio host, author, and teacher to musicians. Each episode he interviews an expert that can help a budding artist get the word out about their art and music.

The show is well polished, as you might imagine. But even pros can use an outside ear to hear about the things they may miss.

Aaron and Ron reviewed the latest episode and applied their large podcasting brains to find the good and helping with the less good. So they give D. Grant feedback on what he’s doing right. And Ron and Aaron share their advice on what D. Grant can do to make his show better, more impactful, and more effective at reaching his intended audience.

You can learn a lot by listening here now…

DIY Artist Route Podcast Evaluation Covers:

  • Sound quality and style
  • How tightly does the show stick to its brand
  • Is the intro focused and did it draw listeners into the episode
  • Does the host interact well with guests and ask good follow-up questions the audience would want
  • Are clear calls-to-action used sufficiently
  • The existence of monetization

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