E10: How to Stop Podcast Editing That Kills Shows

E10 - Podcast Editing

Have you ever wondered if you’re podcast editing process is consuming too much time? This could be killing your show and taking time away from growing your show. Today, in episode number 10 we find out.


The number one thing that kills podcast is the editing. That raises the question: Should you skimp or even skip editing?

What’s eating up all your time is not the act of edit. The problem is what you’re reading.

Podcast Editing That Ate Your Brains:

  • The time Aaron spent 21 hours editing an hour-long podcast and it still sucked
  • Editing out verbal ticks
  • Umms, Ahs, So, and other filler words
  • Focusing on the content
  • Destroying the slow and boring parts even when you think they’re important
  • Putting your interview questions in a special order
  • How to make guests sound better and want to be a regular on your show
  • When an edit won’t save bad content
  • The ethical obligation to edit

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