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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E11: How to Avoid Disaster with a Podcast Guests - On Podcasting E11: How to Avoid Disaster with a Podcast Guests - On Podcasting

E11: How to Avoid Disaster with Podcast Guests

Working with Podcast Guests

Have you ever wondered how to work efficiently with podcast guests and avoid disaster? Today, in episode number 11 we find out!


Most podcasts are interviews. That means working with a podcast guest is a cornerstone skill of the majority of podcasters.

But this can be tricky. You’re likely they working within the confines of someone else’s schedule, temperament, commitment to the project, and social skills.

With a few pointers, it’s not as daunting a task as it might first seem. The first thing to remember is that they are a person just like you. They have similar hopes, fears, challenges, and crazy schedules you do.

After that, it’s all fairly easy. And we’ll show you how…

Managing the Relationship with your Podcast Guests:

  • How to best approach someone you don’t know with an interview request
  • When and how to tell them you’re a fan of theirs
  • Using form emails with a personal flair to make contacting potential guests a snap
  • Using online calendaring tools to make scheduling a breeze
  • When and how often to remind guests of your agreed upon scheduled recording session
  • Using a guest guide to sooth their fears and get everyone on the same page
  • The pregame rapport building techniques to warm guests up
  • Saying thanking and building a long-term relationship

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