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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E12: How to Make and Crush Calls to Action Effectively - On Podcasting E12: How to Make and Crush Calls to Action Effectively - On Podcasting

E12: How to Make and Crush Calls to Action Effectively

Episode 12: Calls to Action

Have you ever wondered how to motivate listeners to take action? Simple, use calls to action. Today, in episode number 12 we explain how.


Podcasters often tell us they can’t get listeners to engage. They lament low comments, social shares, and sales.

The first question we ask them is this: “Are you using clear, concise, and compelling calls to action?” The answer is usually no.

Listeners won’t do things simply because you asked nicely. (Ok, maybe 1% will if you’re lucky.)

You could hold the answer to all their pains and struggles. But if you don’t tell them what you want them to do in a way they understand, they will not do it. Now you’ve done them a great disservice. You’ve hidden away the answer because you didn’t know how to communicate correctly.

Here’s the thing: You must tell people what you want them to do, when you want them to do it, and what’s in it for them if they take action. This is the anatomy of calls to action, in a nutshell.

And some strategies of using calls to action in combination with friction removal can produce a 3x BOOM in results. We discuss in this episode. So…

To get the full-monty on calls to action, listen to this episode now 🙂

Calls to Action Topics Discussed:

  • What are calls to action
  • Why are they important for motivating your audience to do something
  • Understanding the difference between features and benefits
  • Using CTAs in your midrolls and outros
  • Understanding ad fatigue and how to overcome it
  • Why we don’t recommend pre-rolls
  • The exact number of times your CTA needs to be said to be most effective
  • How to lube up and remove the friction from all your CTAs so they get a boost
  • A case study on the CTA friction remover that created a 3x boost in membership signups

Episode Resources:

Click Here To Get Your Copy of the 9 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast Guide


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