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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E14: 7 Greatest Fundamentals For Attracting Money - On Podcasting E14: 7 Greatest Fundamentals For Attracting Money - On Podcasting

E14: 7 Greatest Fundamentals For Attracting Money

E14 Rules for Attracting Money

Have you ever wondered what are the rules for attracting money? Today, in episode number 14 we share our fundamental money rules for because you might be chasing it away.


They say it makes the world go ’round. They say it can’t buy happiness. They say a lot of things about money.

But money can make life easier, and it can make your passion feasible, workable, and liveable. Think of money like you would a battery: it stores energy waiting for your use.

You might have a short in your system, though…

We live in a binary state: Attracting money or repelling money. The state of repelling comes from imperfect information and wrong mindsets. For example, you cannot attract what you hate.

It is not uncommon to one moment hear a person disparaging money. A short while later they are lamenting a problem and sharing a pain that is best resolved through the appropriate application of money.

So you end up with diametrical feelings and wants. When you enter this state, the wheels you have in motion begin to grind on one another till the two seize up. Then nothing moves forward and your dreams whither.

This isn’t to say you should love money as a means of attracting it. There is a fine line we share and expound upon in the episode. You should instead appreciate what it can do for you and your passion.

Walter Wriston famously once said, “Capital will always go where it’s welcome and stay where it’s well treated. Capital is not just money. It’s also talent and ideas. They, too, will go where they’re welcome and stay where they are well treated.”

7 Rules of Attracting Money Discussed and Explained:

  1. Don’t hate money
  2. Define who your customer is
  3. Ignore people who are not your customer with one exception
  4. Solve a real problem causing people pain at a time
  5. Solve a new problem causing your customer pain often
  6. Don’t sell from your heals
  7. Always deliver on your promises and do it on time



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