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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E15: 9 Proven Ways to Monetize a Podcast and Make Money - On Podcasting E15: 9 Proven Ways to Monetize a Podcast and Make Money - On Podcasting

E15: 9 Proven Ways to Monetize a Podcast and Make Money

E15: 9 Proven Ways to Monetize a Podcast and Make Money

Have you ever wondered how to monetize a podcast? Not sure what you could or should do to make the most money with your podcast? Today, in episode number 15 we find out.


Recently, we discussed the basic rules of attracting money. And we covered why money is important. They are the mindsets one must first adopt before attempting to make money. (Hint: Don’t hate money or treat money like a dirty word.)

Today, we’ll walk listeners through the nine most popular and proven ways to monetize a podcast. These are the models we’ve seen work consistently.

This is a simple nuts and bolts discussion of different business models. We made sure to only include podcast business models most people could implement easily with the greatest benefit.

That brings us to an important thing to note: This is not an exhaustive list. There are a ton of different podcast business models. Most are complicated or time-consuming. And neither of those are good when you’re trying to get the money hose turned on at first.

When you’re starting out, it’s not the time to try to reinvent the wheel. We believe in starting simple first, focusing on results, and then progressing forward. And we’ll tell you how without abstractions or mental backflips.

So strap in, tune in, and let’s talk making money with your passion…

How to Monetize a Podcast Topics Discussed:

  • Using affiliates for a quick money win and what NOT to do
  • The truth about making money with Patreon through a real investigation
  • Premium feeds and how they work
  • Content upgrades and other premium offerings
  • Building an elite community that pays
  • Parlaying your podcast into speaking gigs
  • Organizing and hosting events
  • When and how coaching and consulting works for podcasters
  • The reality and time for sponsors
  • Convergin models to 10x monetize podcast results

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