E16: Provocative Professional Hack for Podcast Marketing

Provocative Professional Hack for Podcast Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to hack your podcast marketing and grow your audience? Today, in episode number 16 we find out.

Simply put: This strategy is both marketing and sales. You are building awareness, inducing interest, creating desire, helping visitors through the consideration process, requesting action, and converting them into listeners. And you’re doing it all on one highly targeted and focused page.

We’re often asked, “Does anyone read those long-form sales pages?” My borrowed answer is, “Buyers do.” The same goes for podcast landing pages. In this case, the buy-in is someone choosing to engage with your show.

But this doesn’t require you being “salesy”; we’re not slinging used Lemurs; no shenanigans; no funny business. What you are building is a place visitors can go, receive a clear and concise message, and make the decision to become a subscriber.

This is something we do with our corporate clients and those in the JumpStart Bootcamp. It’s an old-school tool called a long form sales page; you’ve probably heard of them. But instead of selling Ron video tools he doesn’t need, we’re selling people on becoming a new subscriber to your podcast.

How to Hack Your Podcast Marketing with a Landing Page:

  • Why use a long form sales page to promote your podcast
  • Reimagining sales pages to promote a podcast
  • The basic structure and purpose
    • Who are you
    • What problem you solve
    • Who do you solve the problem for
    • What value do you offer
    • What do you want visitors to do next
  • Case studies demonstrating the value of this technique for podcast marketing
  • Objections to and arguments for using this style of podcast marketing
  • The SEO value
  • Using paid traffic and advertising to grow podcast listeners
  • The anatomy of a podcast landing page

Once you get your worksheet, check out On Podcasting page for inspiration.

You can also checkout our free podcaster’s resource library for more great tools.


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