E17: Evaluating the College Info Geek Podcast

E17: Evaluating the College Info Geek Podcast

Have you ever wondered if a show about being a better college student could be entertaining? Today, in episode number 17 we find out with the College Info Geek Podcast.

In this episode, we evaluate the College Info Geek Podcast, which will make you a better student and more productive. After more than 200 episodes you can learn a lot from this podcast. Especially interesting about this episode is the new thing with the podcast – video. Aaron and Ron give you the pros and cons of that.

As we do in all these evaluations, we’ll try and tease out who their avatar is, break down everything from album art to sound quality, and answer if they hate money.

They describe themselves as:

Want to learn how to study more effectively, land your dream job, or pay off your student loans faster? I’m Thomas (the bearded dude to the right), and I built College Info Geek to help you achieve all three.

College Info Geek Podcast Evaluation Includes:

  • Album Art
  • Brand Focus/clarity of purpose
  • Impact of Intro
  • Impact of Outro
  • Energy level of the host(s)
  • Guest Interaction – No guest, but I enjoyed their interaction
  • Sound Quality
  • Video Quality
  • Sponsor / commercial placement
  • Call to Action
  • Show Notes and Title

Links mentioned in the podcast:


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