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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E2: Why Do Podcasters Hate Money, Monetize a Podcast - On Podcasting E2: Why Do Podcasters Hate Money, Monetize a Podcast - On Podcasting

E2: Why Do Podcasters Hate Money – Monetize a Podcast

E2: Monetize a Podcast - Stop hating money

We pose a question: Why do podcasters seem to hate money and not focus on how to monetize a podcast? Your hard work should reward you. We explain how.


Many podcasters and pundits lament the lack of money in podcasting. Some give the excuse of saying it is simply the nature of the beast. Other’s further belay their fear by telling you to focus on podcasting for the love of podcasting.

We say this is total crap, plain and simple!

When you monetize a podcast you incentivize yourself to keep doing the hard work. And you’re able to pay for needed equipment, marketing, and other things that can grow your audience and make the show better.

But when a podcaster doesn’t figure out how to monetize a podcast, they eventually left feeling like the only person paying for a big dinner over and over.

Making money isn’t evil or bad. And it doesn’t mean you have to be a “sell-out” or “Salesy”. It just means podcasters need to provide value to their audience and receive value in return.

We discuss overcoming the problem and how to monetize a podcast in detail in this episode…

Monetize a Podcast Topics Discussed:

  • Why so many podcasters are scared of the money talk
  • Common excuses you may be falling victim to
  • The easy mistake of not asking for money
  • How some podcasters come off as panhandlers
  • The reality of making money with Patreon as a podcaster
  • Giving supporting listeners value for their money
  • Ways to monetize a podcast without being “salesy” or “slimy”
  • When to find or accept a podcast sponsor and things to keep in mind
  • Developing your own product the podcast’s audience actually wants

Episode Resources:

Click Here To Get Your Copy of the 9 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast Guide


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