E20: [Behind the Scenes] How On Podcasting is Made

E20: [Behind the Scenes] How On Podcasting is Made

Join us as we walk you through our entire podcast production process. This is the season finale, and as a special treat, we take you behind the curtain.

Have you ever wondered how the sausage is made, (metaphorically speaking)? Find out in this episode.

Our Podcast Production Process:

  • Meet the team
  • When the whole time is remote
  • The podcast pre-launch
  • How we come up with episode topics
  • Our podcast production schedule and how we stay organized
  • Why we intentionally use four different episode format types
  • How we keep ahead of and on top of production
  • Podcast scripting and collaboration
  • The content upgrade process
  • Recording
  • Using the “double-ender” podcast recording strategy to maximize audio quality
  • File sharing with the team
  • Developing show titles and notes
  • The equipment and software we use for recording and editing
  • Taking breaks

Equipment Mentioned:

The Free Podcasting Tools for Making Podcasting Stress-free:


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