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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E3: How Good Does Your Podcast Sound Quality Need To Be - On Podcasting E3: How Good Does Your Podcast Sound Quality Need To Be - On Podcasting

E3: How Good Does Your Podcast Sound Quality Need To Be

Episode 3: Podcast Sound Quality

Podcast sound quality confounds and wastes the time of most new podcasters. We’re here to put your mind at ease and get you past that particular hurdle. Aaron, the audiophile of the team, and Ron, the pragmatist of the team, discuss how good your audio has to be. (Pisst, probably not as perfect as you think)


Your podcasting adventure guides will also share practical action steps you can take to improve your podcast’s sound quality. And we discuss how to get the best podcast sound quality for your stage of podcasting.

Here’s the thing: Your microphone is not as important as you’ve been led to believe. And your podcast’s audio quality is not what’s holding you back from growing a giant audience. They may not care all very much, in fact.

And the significant sound problems often have simple fixes. None of these solutions include spending $500 to $5,000 on a microphone. Most answers are relatively cheap and sometimes only mean getting a little creative!

We’ll share what’s hurting your sound, thoughts, tips, and even give you an example of how expensive microphones aren’t usually the answer.

So what are these answers? Find out in this episode…

Podcast Sound Quality Topics Discussed:

  • Ron laments no one being able to hear you scream in space
  • How to determine what good enough is
  • What expensive high-end microphones pick up and sound like
  • What to really focus your attention to instead of microphones
  • How content impacts audience retention and growth
  • Causes of bad audio quality
  • How your recording space affects your show in ways you’ve not thought of
  • Distracting noises you didn’t know were annoying your audience
  • Simple podcast sound quality fixes
  • Using rack effects in post-production to smooth out your podcast sound
  • Equipment that can make a big difference

Episode Resources:

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