E4: How to Increase Downloads 64% with Better Titles

Episode 4 - How to Increase Downloads with Podcast Titles

Have you ever wondered why some of your episodes are hits, and others are duds? Today, in episode 4 we find out how to increase downloads with podcast titles.


Copywriting sages can often be heard sharing the wisdom of spending nearly as much time on a headline as the body copy. This is for a good reason: Great headlines get people to read the body.

…Stay with me here. The use of headlines does directly translate to success with podcasting…

And this is extremely important because if the reader doesn’t read through, they will not take the intended action. The reader taking action can mean the difference between a successful sales campaign and a complete waste of months worth of work. (And then Ron’s mad because he doesn’t get his astronaut ice cream.)

The newspaper industry also knows the importance of headlines. You’ll hear managing editors yell out, “Headlines sell papers.” (Or if you’re Ron, “The headline made me click on the useless BuzzFeed article!”)

Guess what.

Your episode titles are headlines. And they’re the first thing existing listeners and new listeners interact with. If an episode had a less than exciting and exciting title, your episode will get skipped.

You’re fighting for “ear share.” Ear share is how much of a person’s listening time you get. Podcast listeners have a lot of options these days. And if you fall face first on the title, you’re listener will opt to listen to someone else’s episode.

Yes, even if they are a subscriber, the majority will pass up your latest episode.

But there is a caveat we should acknowledge here: Die-hard fans will proceed forward without further enticement. These are the superfans who will download whatever or buy whatever you’ve got. However, these superfans are extremely rare no matter who you are or what you have.

So check out this episode to hear how to increase podcast downloads like a pro.

How to Increase Downloads Topics Discussed:

  • Ron ponders astronaut ice cream
  • A lesson on writing with the intent of enticing readers from a 10-time New York Times Best Selling author
  • The crazy results from a 3-month podcast title split-test
  • Crafting podcast titles like a high-dollar marketing and sales copywriter
    • How headlines impact newspaper sales
    • How headlines are used to sell goods and services
    • Why you open specific emails and ignore others
  • The side outstanding benefit great podcast titles have on your social media likes and shares
  • The how-to of writing to increase your podcast downloads and shares
    • Five guidelines for writing better podcast titles
    • Conveying value and an opportunity cost if they don’t listen
    • The one thing every pro-copywriter keeps on their desktop
    • A pro-level time-honored practice for getting better headlines
    • How to avoid guesswork and know you’re crafting exceptional podcast titles
  • Finally thoughts and words of encouragement


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