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E5: Evaluating The Privacy and Security Podcast

E5 Evaluating the Privacy and Security Podcast

Have you ever wondered if big brother was listening to you and if he liked your podcast? Today, in episode 5 we find out how good the Privacy and Security Podcast is and what could improve.


Justin and Michael are privacy and security experts. Both possess a long resume of white hat spookiness. Their show targets individuals and industry professionals interested in keeping information and systems safe.

That is to say safe from breaches, instructions, theft, and compromises. And it’s is not for the neophyte or casual identity theft concerned person. (But tinfoil hats are sold separately in the lobby.)

Aaron and Ron reviewed episode 54 of the Privacy and Security Podcast and applied their vast podcasting minds to find the good and helping with the less good. So they give Justin and Michael feedback on what he’s doing right. And Ron and Aaron share their advice on what Justin and Michael can do to make their show better, more impactful, and more effective at reaching his intended audience.

You can learn a lot by listening here now…

Evaluating The Privacy and Security Podcast Points Discussed:

  • Ron ponders if “they’re” watching us
  • The energy level and presentation of the hosts
  • How closely does the show keep to its ideal listener (aka listener avatar)
  • Sound quality and style that’s good enough
  • How tightly does the show stick to its brand
  • Is the intro focused and did it draw listeners into the episode
  • The use of bumper music and the impact on the brand and listener experience
  • Breaking up segments with audible cues
  • Does the host interact well with guests and ask good follow-up questions the audience would want
  • Are clear calls-to-action used sufficiently
  • Is the show monetized

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