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On Podcasting – The Launch A Pod Podcast | E6: How to Podcast with a Cohost Complete Survival Guide - On Podcasting E6: How to Podcast with a Cohost Complete Survival Guide - On Podcasting

E6: How to Podcast with a Cohost Complete Survival Guide

Episode 6: How to Podcast with a Cohost Complete Survival Guide

Have you ever wondered how to have a great podcast cohost relationship? Today, in episode number 6 we find out how to podcast with a cohost without destroying your show or friendship.


Here’s the thing: A podcast cohost can be a major asset to a show. They may skyrocket the energy level, help share the burden of the workload, add knowledge you don’t have on topics you want to cover, or just make the whole process less of a lonely slog.

Some people are exceptional at delivering an entertaining and engaging monologue. Then there’s the 99.9% of the rest of us. A cohost can inject life into a show by creating a dynamic back-and-forth atmosphere. They can also bring specialized knowledge making each episode much deeper and juicer.

A podcast cohost can also save a show from being just another interview podcast. (Don’t let Ryan Holiday catch you doing that – or do because if it’s great who cares.)

But here’s the rub: proceeding with the choice to have a co-host on your podcast can also be disastrous. And a show can go down in flames because you decided podcasting with a cohost was the way to go.

There are a few common causes. These destroyers of shows include lack of communication, unmanaged expectations, dereliction of duties, planned and unexpected life changes, and creative differences. We could go on. However, the resolutions and solutions just aren’t that difficult.

And worst of all, friendships can be destroyed. Yeah, it sucks to say. It’s sad to write. And the aftermath is worse. You started off with high hopes and a we’re-going-to-take-on-the-world-through-our-Wings-with-West-Wing-Podcast! and devil-may-care attitude. Then you never spoke to each other again. (Let’s not do this, ok?)

The solution is nearly at hand, though. Just listen to this episode, do a little work, and you’ll save the world from another failed show. (Do it for the kids.)

Podcast with a Cohost Successfully Topics Discussed:

  • Ron wonders aloud if the ISS has a honeymoon suite
  • Two real-life examples where podcasting with a cohost nearly destroyed a successful show
    • What caused the breaks
    • How we saved friendships
    • How the show moved forward with a careful show format and brand pivot
  • Knowing why you want a cohost
  • Defining roles ahead of time
  • The different types of roles, how they’re each different, and how they help
    • Cohost
    • Podcast Producer
    • Business Partner
  • Communication, Communication, Communication
  • Handling unthinkable gracefully: the breakup
  • Developing a contingency plan for the lose of your cohost

Episode Resources:

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