E7: How to Make and Use Podcast Job Descriptions for Success

E7: How to Make and Use Podcast Job Descriptions for Success

Have you ever wondered how to build a successful podcast team? Today, in episode 7 we share how to make and use podcast job descriptions so you can avoid meltdowns and confusion.


If you played a game with no rules or clear objectives could you win?

If you don’t know what your job is or what the expectations are can you do it successfully?

Crafting Podcast job descriptions helps as your show to succeed in one significant way: It manages expectations of the person doing the job.

And avoiding headaches with a solid organizational foundation makes building a successful podcast that lasts achievable.

Building and running a lasting podcast takes proper management. There are a lot of different skill sets needed and a lot of tasks to keep track of so things get done on time.

The tasks involved in starting and running a podcast must be broken down into specific job roles. Those roles must then grow into podcast job descriptions.

You may be doing this all by yourself right now, granted. Or you may be doing this with a co-host. You might even work with a full team. Regardless, it’s good to know what tasks belong to what job role.

And the time to make podcast job descriptions is before you need them. The alternative is to wait till a blow-up happens or someone quits the team in frustration.

Podcast Job Descriptions Topics Discussed:

  • Job Roles and Descriptions
    • The Executive Producer / Showrunner: The shot caller
    • Podcast Producer: The person who makes things happen and herds the cats
    • Host and Cohost: The talent
    • Content Editor: The person who cuts the boring bits
    • Audio Engineer: The person who makes the hosts sound good
    • Show Notes Writer: The person who scribbles a description
    • Graphic Artist: The person who makes pretty images
    • Transcriptionist: The person who writes down all the words
    • Webmaster: The person who posts the show and manages the website
  • 3 example case studies of Podcast job roles and production processes in action

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