E8: How to Effectively Make Email Marketing Profitable for Podcasts

Episode 8: Email Marketing for Podcasters

Have you ever wondered what the big deal about email marketing is? Today, in episode number 8 we find out.


Social media is the new kid on the block everyone is talking about today. Sure, she’s cute. Sure, she’s got an addictive personality.

But is it the best way to reach your audience and get them to take action?

Plus, she is a little crazy and fickle to boot…

The reality is this: Email marketing is not dead. In fact, this old-school communication method is still the champ when it comes to making marketing magic happen. Try a 44x ROI, for starters. (There are four more reasons, and we cover them in the episode.)

Yet, many podcasters ignore this powerful tool. For some, it is pure ignorance. For other’s email seems daunting:

  • What do you say?
  • When do you say it?
  • What is the best Email Service Provider?
  • What if people unsubscribe?

Come in close…

We have a secret to share…

You’re overthinking it.

And because you’re overthinking it you’re leaving listeners wanting. They want to hear from you. Your listeners what to know when you share cool thoughts or products. Yes, they even want to give you money.

In this episode, we break it all down and share some tips with you on how to get started without a lot of hassle.

Email Marketing For Podcasters Topics Discussed:

  • A case study of turning a podcast from money stuck to profitable overnight with an email list
  • How email trounces social media marketing in ROI
  • 5 Reasons email beats up social media and takes its lunch money
  • Ownership vs. renting space on someone else’s platform
  • User engagement comparisons
  • Market share: does email still own the world?
  • Using segmentation to automate personalized conversations and not piss people off

Episode Resources:

How to Stop Worrying and Finally Nail Email Marketing
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