E9: Evaluating the JustEricson Podcast

Have you ever wondered what kind of a podcast a narcissistic comedy would make? Today, in episode number 9 we find out JustEricson does it.


Most podcast focus on a niche topic with the intent of promoting something.

But what would it be like to listen to an episode with a niche topic of one man? And better yet, what if the niche topic was one man asking his friends what they thought of him? Does it sound like comedy might ensue?

You’d be right.

The JustEricson Podcast is a podcast by comedian Ericson Just. From his site he tells visitors more about who he is:

I spent the first quarter of my life in Philadelphia trying to find love only to realize I had it all along in my passion for performing. So, I moved out of my girlfriend’s bedroom and made a bee-line to Los Angeles and have been getting myself in and out of trouble by speaking my mind ever since. I’ve been called dry, honest, irreverent, confrontational and that’s just my comedy. I’ve personally have been described by a whole slew of colorful adjectives and nouns on my podcast where I interview someone new every Thursday about my favorite subject: myself.

On JustEricson:

    • Surprising your guests with the topic of your show
    • Decoding┬áthe avatar
    • Where’s the money?
    • Using a podcast as a personal brand building platform
    • Giving listeners a way to connect with outside the podcast and what it can do for you
    • Ron invents a new term: Outserps
    • Should you give your guest a way for the listeners to connect with them?
    • When Twitter makes sense in lue of a mailing list
    • What makes good album art

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